Stardust Collection

Crackling tail to Ti-flower willow with white glitter.Type: CakeShots: 16Nem p.s  gr: 240Cat: F2Verpakt per 12 stuksAdviesprijs € 19,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
Blue tail to blue star with rotation chrys.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2verpakt per 8 stuksadviesprijs: € 32,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
Red tail to red,blue dahlia with white glitter / green tail  purple, green dahlia with white glitter / blue tail peach red lemon dahlia with white glitter.Type: CakeShots: 36Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 8 stuksAdviesprijs € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
Crackling mine to purple dahlia with silver glitter.Type: CakeShots: 36Nem p.s  gr: 486Cat: F2Verpakt per 6 stuksAdviesprijs € 49,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
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