Profire line

EffectBlue tail to brocade king with blue star.Shots25Nem500grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectBlue tail to red palm/coco and blue stars.Shots25Nem500grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGreen tail to extreme crackling willow.Shots25Nem500grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectCrackling tail to chry crackling willowShots36Nem496,8Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
Effect8 minutes flame.Shots-Nem25gr.Cal10mmCatF2Packing250/1 (50/5)Adviesprijs € 1,50 per stuk.. . . .Read more


EffectBlue mine, gold strobe willow with blue stars.Shots25Nem500gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1Adviesprijs € 47,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectFlower crown to blue.Shots36Nem432Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver tail to silver coconut with red starSilver tail to silver coconut with green starSilver tail to silver coconut with blue starShots36Nem468grCal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
Snake tail to red and green strobe.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 6 stuksAdviesprijs € 47,50 p/s.. . . .Read more

Snake eyes

EffectGreen tail burst green glittering with bloody red dahlia.Shots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGolden willow mine burst to golden willow with white glittering crackling.Shots25Nem500Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectBrocade crown with purple pearl and crackling.Shots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more

Purple Haze

Silver tail to sunset glitter with blue star.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 6 stuksAdviesprijs € 47,50 p/s.. . . .Read more


EffectGreen tail to green coco red palmblue tail to blue coco green palmred tail to red coco silver palmsilver tail to silver coco gold palmpurple tail to coco green palmShots25 sh.Nem487,5grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more

PF-15 Polaris

EffectViolet comet to golden horsetail with violet tipsShots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1Adviesprijs € 45,00 p/s.. . . .Read more
Effect5x5 shots F-shape:Red coco crossetteYellow coco crossetteGreen coco crossetteBlue coco crossettePurple coco crossetteShots25 sh.Nem487,5grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
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