Dream Scape collection

EffectGreen comet to crackling with big chrysanthemum Violet tail to crackling with violet.Shots16Caliber20mmCatF2Packing24/1.. . . .Read more

Cracker Jack

DRS-2001effectRed tail to blue peony with silver glittering blue tail to bloody peony with silver glittering green tail to grass green with silver glittering yellow tail to lemon with silver glitteringshots16pts128gr.caliber20mmpacking24/1categoryF2.. . . .Read more

Epic Lights

EffectRed tail to brocade crown with red glittering Green tail burst to brocade crown with green glittering Blue tail burst to brocade crown with blue pearl Silver tail burst to brocade crown with crackling.Shots16Nem128gr.Cal20mmCatF2Packing24/1.. . . .Read more

Kings Gold

EffectGreen tail to flower crown green strobe.Shots16 sh.Nem128grCal20mmCatF2Packing24/1.. . . .Read more
EffectBlue tail to red plum flower sky blueGreen tail to red plum green starRed tail to red plum flower yellow starShots25 sh.Nem325grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1.. . . .Read more
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