Evolution line

EffectTi chrysanthemum mine and blue tail to Ti chrysanthemum crackling with blue dahlia.Shots42Nem500gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGold glitter tail with blue mineShots42Nem500gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
EffectTime rain mine, all with red and green glitter mine.Shots42Nem499.8gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
EffectRed glitter mine to blue peony with red glitter willow.Shots36Nem496,8Cal30mmCatF2Packing8/1.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver glitter mine to red, green, blue, lemon peony.Shots36Nem496,8grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs: € 44,95.. . . .Read more
EffectGolden snake tail to brocade crown with silver glitter and Golden snaketail to brocade crown with purple stars.Shots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing4/1Adviesprijs: € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver rotation tail burst red/green/blue stars with white glitter.Shots36Nem496.8grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs: € 49,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
effect1. red tail burst golden spider  with red, green and blue star. 2. blue tail burst brocade crown with ti-golden coconut to red, green and blue. 3. red tail burst brocade crown king and red glittering head.. / blue tail burst flower crown. 4.silver rotation tail burst ti . . .Read more


EffectBrocade Crown with red pearl Brocade Crown with cracklingBrocade Crown with green pearlBrocade Crown with cracklingBrocade Crown with blue pearlBrocade Crown with crackling.Shots36Nem486grCal25mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more

Crown Mix

EffectTi-golden coconut with cometTi-golden leaves with blue pearlTime rain with cometTime rain willow with pinkColor pearl mine crackling tail burst to red&yellow head time rain willow.Shots25Nem480Cal30CatF2Packing6/1  .. . . .Read more
EffectCrackling tail burst to gold wave crackling willow with red, green, blue peonyShots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectFlower crown mine Blue tail burst flower crown blue star Red tail burst flower crown red strobeShots25 sh.Nem487,5grCal25mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
Effect1 row: Red strobe mine silver tail burst silver moving star red strobe2 row: Silver strobe mine silver tail burst silver moving star silver strobe3 row: Blue mine silver tail burst silver moving star blue star4 row: Green strobe mine silver tail burst silver moving star green strobe5 row: Gold . . .Read more
Effect1- White strobe mine red tail 2- White strobe mine lemon star 3- Green strobe mine gold coco tail blue star4- Brocade crown blue star5- Brocade crown green star6- Brocade crown tail red starShots6x1 sh.Nem150grCal30mmCatF2Packing20/6/1.. . . .Read more
Effect1- Brocade crown mine burst brocade crown king blue star 2- Red strobe willow with silver strobe pistil 3- Brocade spider with bloody red strobe star.Shots3 x 1 sh.Nem120grCal50mmCatF3Packing12/3/1.. . . .Read more
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