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EffectBrocade crown mine red tail burst to brocade crown+ti-golden coconut to red green tail burst to brocade crown+ti-golden coconut to greenblue tail burst to brocade crown+ti-golden coconut to blue.Shots25Nem475grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
cake 1        337,5gr. tail burst to red&blue dahlia with silver glittering; tail burst to purple&green dahlia with silver glittering;3. blue tail burst to pink&lemon dahlia with silver glittering;shots25caliber25mmpacking1/1catego . . .Read more


EffectTi chrysanthemum mine and blue tail to Ti chrysanthemum crackling with blue dahlia.Shots42Nem500gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectBrocade crown king with red glitter tip.Shots25Nem337,5grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs € 32,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
Shots 9x19    Cal 25mm    Cat F2Cake 1:    Hyper Hyper                            &nb . . .Read more
cake 1EffectShotsNemCalCatPackingCake 2EffectShotsNemCalCatPackingCake 3EffectShotsNemCalCatPackingCake 4EffectShotsNemCalCatPacking.. . . .Read more


EffectGold glitter tail with blue mineShots42Nem500gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGold glitter mine to gold glitter willow with purple stars.Shots25Nem337,5grCal25CatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs € 32,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectBlue tail to brocade king with blue star.Shots25Nem500grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectTime rain mine, all with red and green glitter mine.Shots42Nem499.8gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGold tail burst big gold willow with red and green glitter.Shots25Nem337,5grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs € 32,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectBlue tail to blue star with rotation chrysthemumShots25Nem500grCalCatF2Packing8/1.. . . .Read more
EffectRed glitter mine to blue peony with red glitter willow.Shots36Nem496,8Cal30mmCatF2Packing8/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGreen glitter tail to green glitter willow with orange stars. Shots25Nem337,5grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs € 32,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectBlue tail to red palm/coco and blue stars.Shots25Nem500grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectRed glitter with rotation chrys.Shots25Nem275grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs € 32,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver glitter mine to red, green, blue, lemon peony.Shots36Nem496,8grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs: € 44,95.. . . .Read more
EffectGreen tail to extreme crackling willow.Shots25Nem500grCal30mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectGolden snake tail to brocade crown with silver glitter and Golden snaketail to brocade crown with purple stars.Shots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing4/1Adviesprijs: € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver rotation tail burst red/green/blue stars with white glitter.Shots36Nem496.8grCal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs: € 49,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectCrackling tail to chry crackling willowShots36Nem496,8Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
Effect8 minutes flame.Shots-Nem25gr.Cal10mmCatF2Packing250/1 (50/5)Adviesprijs € 1,50 per stuk.. . . .Read more


EffectBlue mine, gold strobe willow with blue stars.Shots25Nem500gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1Adviesprijs € 47,50 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectFlower crown to blue.Shots36Nem432Cal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver tail to silver coconut with red starSilver tail to silver coconut with green starSilver tail to silver coconut with blue starShots36Nem468grCal25mmCatF2Packing4/1.. . . .Read more
Snake tail to red and green strobe.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 6 stuksAdviesprijs € 47,50 p/s.. . . .Read more

Snake eyes

Silver tail to sunset glitter with blue star.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 6 stuksAdviesprijs € 47,50 p/s.. . . .Read more


EffectViolet comet to golden horsetail with violet tipsShots25Nem475gr.Cal30mmCatF2Packing6/1Adviesprijs € 45,00 p/s.. . . .Read more
Silver tails mine and sea blue stars between.Type: CakeShots: 35Nem p.s  gr: 490Cat: F2Verpakt per 4 stuksAdviesprijs € 39,50 p/s.. . . .Read more

Sunbeam 1

Golden strobe tail with red + green strobe mine.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 475Cat: F2Verpakt per 4 stuksAdviesprijs € 37,50 p/s.. . . .Read more

Sunbeam 2

Red glitter and blue mine gold and chrys tail.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 4 stuksAdviesprijs € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more

Sunbeam 3

Silver glitter mine + green glitter mine and ti tail.Type: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 4 stuksAdviesprijs € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more

Sunbeam 4

Crackling + purple mine and sunset glitter tailType: CakeShots: 25Nem p.s  gr: 500Cat: F2Verpakt per 4 stuksAdviesprijs € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more

Sunbeam 5

effectBrocade crown blue star mine and blue tail burst titanium saluteShots60Nem360grCal20mmCatF2Packing6/1.. . . .Read more
EffectQuick crackling mines color tail burst to titanium salute.Shots25Nem162,5gr.Cal20mmCatF2Packing12/1Adviesprijs: € 19,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectSilver tail to titanium salute.Shots70Nem385gr.Cal20mmCatF2Packing4/1Adviesprijs: € 49,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectRed glitter mine blue comet to brocadeblue mine red comet to ti salute.Shots49Nem406gr.Cal20mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs: € 37,25 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectCrackling tail to Ti-flower willow with white glitter.Shots16Nem240gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing12/1Adviesprijs € 19,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectRed tail to red & blue dahlia with white glitter  green tail to purple & green dahlia with white glitter  blue tail to peach & red lemon dahlia with white glitter.Shots36Nem500gr.Cal25mmCatF2Packing8/1Adviesprijs € 44,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectCrackling mine to purple dahlia with silver glitter.Shots36Nem486gr.caliber25catF2Packing6/1Adviesprijs € 49,95 p/s.. . . .Read more
EffectCake 1. Gold strobe tail with gold strobe willow and purple pearl/green pearl.Cake 2. Red strobe tail ti-flower willow with lemon,orange stars.Cake 3. Red tail flower crown change red/green tail flower crown change green/blue tail flower crown change blue.Cake 4. White snake tail chrys crackli . . .Read more
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