Spectacle & Festival Show Boxes

Cake 1:Effect1st shot: Ti-flower willow mine;2-25shots: red tail burst to ti-flower willow/blue tail burst to blue pearl with red glittering; shots25caliber30mmPacking1/4categoryF2Cake 2Effect1st shot:golden willow mine 2-25shots: golden tail burst to golden willow with white glittering cracklingSho . . .Read more


cake 1        337,5gr. ptseffect1.red tail burst to red&blue dahlia with silver glittering;2.green tail burst to purple&green dahlia with silver glittering;3. blue tail burst to pink&lemon dahlia with silver glittering;shots25caliber25mmpacking1/1catego . . .Read more


Cake 1EffectFlower crown mineBlue tail flower crown with blue starRed tail flower crown with red glitter.Shots25Caliber30mmPacking1/4CategoryF2Cake 2EffectDouble floss mineRed tail double floss with red starBlue tail double floss,sky blueGreen tail golden spider with golden glitterSilver tail brocad . . .Read more


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